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Our teachers are the back bone of our center.  We work with teachers from all sorts of fields who have a passion for teaching and a desire to make a difference.  The Brooklyn Education Center knows that the right teacher can make all the difference in the classroom.  Patience and expertise are essential qualities for any teacher in our center.  If you you are interested in becoming a teacher please email us a cover letter and attach a resume.

Panos  Apostolopoulos

Subject: Registration and Web Devlopment

Panos is the guy who helps organize the website to make it more user friendly for teachers. He organizes the PayPal payment system. (Note, you don't need a PayPal account to register, you can use a debit or credit card as well. We use the PayPal billing system because it keeps your information secure)

This website is built from scratch from code. We don't use an online template and this is why our database is so secure. Panos is the genius that knows the code. He is always willing to improve the website to make sure people can easily watch videos, access our FREE ONLINE STUDY MATERIAL and find the address and information for the classes.

We couldn't do it without him!

Bridgette E Gubernatis

Subject: EAS, SWD, CST Multi Subject Part 1 ELA
Email: brooklynedu@gmail.com
Phone: 347-517-4199
Website: https://www.amazon.com/Deconstructing-teachers-passing-Students-Disabilities/dp/152455295X/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1510082810&sr=1-1

Most of our teachers have heard of Bridgette. She has taught over 8,000 teachers how to pass these tests over the last 8 years. In that time she has found ways to streamline the focus of our workshops to target the specific areas of weakness that most test takers face on these exams.

Her methods are designed to help test takers de-stress and recognize easy strategies for success. If you've had trouble passing in the past and are at a loss, you will enjoy the step by step approach, easy to memorize mnemonic devices and built in thinking prompts that make the essays especially easy.

Bridgette has a Master's Degree in Liberal Studies and a BA in English. Both degrees are from Brooklyn College. She also attended Union Theological Seminary at Columbia University.

If you are trying to pass the EAS or the CST Students with Disabilities click on her LINK above to buy her latest book Deconstructing the NYSTCE.

This compact book is only $19.99 on Amazon and many students have used this book alone to pass the exams.

But she also loves to see you all in the classroom!

Dr. Michael J Castaldi

Subject: CST Multi Part 3 Arts and Science.
Website: http://www.brooklynedu.org/files/NEW_Part_3_Free_Study_Guide.pdf

Dr Castaldi has been teaching Science for over 30 years. Formerly he was a research scientist at Pfizer, a pharmaceutical company. Currently he is a Scientist in Residence at St. Peter's College.

Dr. Castaldi was instrumental in helping us develop our FREE ONLINE STUDY GUIDE for the Part 3 section of the Multi Subject Exam. This Study Guide is so successful that we no longer have to run classes for the test. So we've been able to help teachers pass by steering them in the right direction to study the topics that actually show up on the test.

Thank you Dr. Castaldi!

Click on his LINK above to access the FREE ONLINE STUDY MATERIAL FOR PART 3 Arts and Sciences

Carmine  Mucciarone

Subject: Math
Email: brooklynedu@gmail.com
Website: www.youtube.com/watch?v=XW6nZXzzSc0

Carmine has taught our Math Booster workshop for the last 3 years. In that time he has helped thousands of teachers pass the difficult CST Multi PART 2 Math test. Over the years we have noticed that the number one reason that teachers fail the Math section, isn't actually the Math. The Math is very straightforward. But many times it is the way the question is worded that causes the most confusion for test takers.

Carmine's goal isn't to teach you to be a Math teacher, but to pass this specific test. His years of experience have helped us streamline the class to focus on the sections that are most important to pass the test.

Everyone loves Carmine's patience and his ability to explain Math in simple easy to understand language. He's also helped us create the Free Online Math Vocabulary Study Guide to reinforce understanding of tricky terminology.

Click on his LINK above to Watch a Video that Explains how the Math Class is run.

Danielle  DuBois

Subject: EdTPA
Email: BecEdTPA@gmail.com
Website: www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9lV4LVTSos

Danielle is the resident expert on the EdTPA. Over the last two years she has helped hundreds of teachers pass this challenging exam. Danielle has developed simple strategies to help streamline the process into a manageable goal. She's the wizard of decoding the language of the Rubric in order to explain to teachers what the evaluators are actually looking for when they are grading the EdTPA.

She has been instrumental in research and development and provides easy to use Lesson Plan outlines. Danielle has been a certified teacher for over 10 years and she also has been a professional clown which gives her the added skills of understanding how to properly film the video section of the EdTPA.

Her ability to deconstruct the commentary section in order to quickly and easily write what they are looking for, makes the process of writing the EdTPA much less stressful.

Click on her LINK above to Watch a Video that Deconstructs the EdTPA

Avi  Schneier

Subject: Math, Science
Email: brooklynedu@gmail.com
Phone: 347-517-4199
Website: http://www.brooklynedu.org/files/BEC_CST_Multi_Math_Study_Guide_V3.pdf

A former NYC DOE High School teacher licensed in Chemistry, Avi is a STEM Specialist when it comes to education. With a MA in Biology from Rutgers University and MS in Science Education from Brooklyn College, he has taught: Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics and Math.

As you can see in his profile picture Avi is an avid explorer. So you won't often see him in the classroom. But he's our go to consultant in creating strategies, decoding some of the trickier test questions and researching videos and resources. He has been instrumental in helping to help us develop our FREE ONLINE MATH STUDY GUIDE which is an essential part of passing the CST Multi Part 2 Math Section. He is our resident 7-12 Math Test Prep Specialist.

Click on his LINK above for FREE STUDY MATERIALS.

Kylia P Muhammad-Ardrey

Subject: Outreach
Website: www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4lDxc7QaN0

Kylia has been an online essay evaluator for BEC for the last two years. As a member of our Outreach Team she is instrumental in keeping us up to date on ongoing changes to Certification Requirements.

Be sure to click on her LINK above to Watch a Video with helpful information that breaks down each step of the process of obtaining your NY Teaching Certification.

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